Star Wars Ausstellungsstück: Rey's Speeder auf der Spiel'15 in Essen

Für waschechte Star Wars Anhänger könnte sich ein Besuch auf der diesjährigen Spielemesse in Essen selbst dann lohnen, wenn sie keine leidenschaftlichen Brettspieler sind. Alle SciFantasy-Fans erwartet auf der Spiel'15 ein besonderes Highlight: Die Ausstellung von Rey's Speederbike aus dem, im Dezember erscheinenden Film, Star Wars - Erwachen der Macht. 

Die Originalmeldung:


"A special Star Wars – ‘The Force Awakens’ presentation at SPIEL Essen 2015!
Before ‘The Force Awakens’ will hit the theaters in December 2015, we proudly announce the appearance of Rey’s Speeder at Essen-SPIEL 2015!
The Speeder will be the very first physical visual public appearance of a Star Wars – ‘The Force Awakens’ prop in Germany, definitely a very attractive eye catcher for Star Wars fans, visiting the fair.
This vessel, a full scale, and painstakingly authentic replica of the screen used prop, is produced by the world famous Belgian Prop builders, in close cooperation with Lucasfilm Studios.
Rey’s Speeder is a major part in the upcoming new Star Wars movie!
Rey (played by the 23 year old Daisy Ridley) a scavenger and desert rat, living on the planet Jakku and one of the new lead characters in the Star Wars saga...
Her ‘ride’ a worn of, rough looking speeder which serves her to pass the deadly dessert, for transportation of her scavenged goods, and to escape her enemies...
The Speeder replica has been used by Lucasfilm on previous major shows such as Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 and at San Diego Comic Con 2015.
Now, first time in Germany at the Essen SPIEL 2015, presented by Intrafin Toys & Games NV in Hall 2 at booth D-129
Intrafin NV will voluntarily host the Speeder, together with an authentic set backdrop and Rey’s costume replica to serve as free of charge photo opportunity for all the fans of Star Wars, celebrating the primary display of an item of the upcoming move, Star Wars – ‘The Force Awakens’
Intrafin, European Distributor since 1991 offering a very wide range of board & card games, accessory, but also merchandise & collectibles of almost all major brands , and is for more than 20 years official distributor of Magic the Gathering for the European Market!
The team of Intrafin invites all of you to come and visit our booth to experience the very first physical exposure of Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ here in Germany!"

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